how to fix the most common video camera problems

A guide to how to fix the most common video camera problems

Videography and photography have now become an essential part of our daily life and is now known as one of the most influencing career choices. It is an art field and requires the greatest amount of talent. Being a photographer and videographer is not easy. It requires a lot of practice and experience. And obviously, you need a digital camera with really good specifications and features to capture the best. But often you face some problems with the camera and you get stuck. 

There are times when you are in the middle of something and suddenly there arises a problem. That is why you need quick fixes and troubleshooting ideas.So that is why here are some common video camera problems and how to fix them.

9 Common Camera Problem And Their Solution

  1. Blurry video – It is the most common problem that comes forward. It might happen due to dirtiness on the lens or any motion defect. Simple, you have to make sure that the lens is properly set and clean. Make sure that there is no shakiness occurring because of your hand during the video shooting. And keep an eye on the optical digital zoom option as it makes the video look blurry due to excessive zooming in.
  2. Battery life of camera – The cameras with short battery life makes it difficult to shoot long videos. It is always better to buy a camera that will give you enough battery life for a good length of the video.
  3. Corruption of files – generally, after a recovery application, the files get corrupted. The only fix is to use video software like professional Stellar Repair to repair the corrupted videos.
  4. Crashes during editing – While editing heavy files, the system gets crashed and it results in a slow speed of the process. For this issue, choose a computer which meets specific criteria and features required for video editing.
  5. SD card problem – Sometimes during auto-saving of a video, the camera shows “write error”. It happens to many people and they think that the problem is with the camera. But no, the problem actually lies with the SD card. For this, the fix can be either changing the SD card or to see whether there is any dust or any other particle on it. You might have got a microfiber cloth to clean the camera lens. You can use the same to clean the SD card slot.
  6. Software issue – Digital video cameras often face problems. To fix them, just go to “firmware updates” and find the latest update for your camera model. The instructions for updating will be given there only. You would need the internet for this. And if this method does not do any good, try restoring your camera by going to the factory settings in the camera menu.
  7. Shutter – It usually happens when the camera’s shutter is stuck. It then results in very overexposed photos and videos. Moreover, if the shutter does not open at all, the videos and photos come black. Have a look at the lens surface to clean it. See whether anything is coming between the shutters. Disrupt the shutter otherwise. Use the manual or shutter priority to choose the slowest settings that are probable. Changing the scene setting also helps while taking low light videos on fireworks or sunset settings.
  8. The camera doesn’t get recognized – When connected to a PC, the video camera does not get recognized by it. To fix this, try troubleshooting. You can go to hardware and sound section and select “configure a device”. This might help even of the camera is well connected to PC but Windows is not recognizing it.
  9. The camera gets frozen – Freezing of video camera is very common. You just need to hold the power button while pressing it for about 10 seconds. The camera restarts and the problem is fixed.

These are the most common video camera problems. You might even face some more problems but not to worry as anything can be fixed. You just have to choose the right camera for you and make sure to keep it clean and safe in good condition. 

Sometimes, when the camera is not taken care of and is left aside like that, the system gets disrupted and issues with software arise. So, always keep your camera in a well-maintained condition.

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