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how to fix the most common video camera problems

A guide to how to fix the most common video camera problems

Videography and photography have now become an essential part of our daily life and is now known as one of the most influencing career choices. It is an art field and requires the greatest amount of talent. Being a photographer and videographer is not easy. It requires a lot of practice and experience. And obviously, you need a digital camera with really good specifications and features to capture the best. But often you face some problems with the camera and you get stuck. 

There are times when you are in the middle of something and suddenly there arises a problem. That is why you need quick fixes and troubleshooting ideas.So that is why here are some common video camera problems and how to fix them.

9 Common Camera Problem And Their Solution

  1. Blurry video – It is the most common problem that comes forward. It might happen due to dirtiness on the lens or any motion defect. Simple, you have to make sure that the lens is properly set and clean. Make sure that there is no shakiness occurring because of your hand during the video shooting. And keep an eye on the optical digital zoom option as it makes the video look blurry due to excessive zooming in.
  2. Battery life of camera – The cameras with short battery life makes it difficult to shoot long videos. It is always better to buy a camera that will give you enough battery life for a good length of the video.
  3. Corruption of files – generally, after a recovery application, the files get corrupted. The only fix is to use video software like professional Stellar Repair to repair the corrupted videos.
  4. Crashes during editing – While editing heavy files, the system gets crashed and it results in a slow speed of the process. For this issue, choose a computer which meets specific criteria and features required for video editing.
  5. SD card problem – Sometimes during auto-saving of a video, the camera shows “write error”. It happens to many people and they think that the problem is with the camera. But no, the problem actually lies with the SD card. For this, the fix can be either changing the SD card or to see whether there is any dust or any other particle on it. You might have got a microfiber cloth to clean the camera lens. You can use the same to clean the SD card slot.
  6. Software issue – Digital video cameras often face problems. To fix them, just go to “firmware updates” and find the latest update for your camera model. The instructions for updating will be given there only. You would need the internet for this. And if this method does not do any good, try restoring your camera by going to the factory settings in the camera menu.
  7. Shutter – It usually happens when the camera’s shutter is stuck. It then results in very overexposed photos and videos. Moreover, if the shutter does not open at all, the videos and photos come black. Have a look at the lens surface to clean it. See whether anything is coming between the shutters. Disrupt the shutter otherwise. Use the manual or shutter priority to choose the slowest settings that are probable. Changing the scene setting also helps while taking low light videos on fireworks or sunset settings.
  8. The camera doesn’t get recognized – When connected to a PC, the video camera does not get recognized by it. To fix this, try troubleshooting. You can go to hardware and sound section and select “configure a device”. This might help even of the camera is well connected to PC but Windows is not recognizing it.
  9. The camera gets frozen – Freezing of video camera is very common. You just need to hold the power button while pressing it for about 10 seconds. The camera restarts and the problem is fixed.

These are the most common video camera problems. You might even face some more problems but not to worry as anything can be fixed. You just have to choose the right camera for you and make sure to keep it clean and safe in good condition. 

Sometimes, when the camera is not taken care of and is left aside like that, the system gets disrupted and issues with software arise. So, always keep your camera in a well-maintained condition.

guideline on becoming a photographer

A detailed guideline on becoming a photographer

The passion for photography is inherent within every individual, but very few individuals have the zeal and enthusiasm for taking it to the next level. Clicking the beauties of the nature behind the lens gives the ultimate satisfaction within itself. This passionate hobby becomes a serious career path for the highly dedicated individuals and can also get quite expensive and confusing at times when the individual jumps inside of the technicalities of the camera. But, in today’s time, achieving this goal is not that difficult and hence the article details further on the steps of How to become a photographer?

The skill set required

Photography as a career option holds a tremendous amount of competitiveness and asks for a lot of skill, knowledge, acumen, work-life balance in the field and the sheer dedication to put long hours of effort. Hence the upcoming content mentions about the different steps that would be needed to convert the passion into a serious and professional career path.

Knowing the perfect questions

The art of photography is highly driven by a motivation to create wonders behind the lens and lay down a balance between creative passion and business instincts. Hence, the individual first needs to find the answers to specific motivational questions like the source of inspiration for the project, comfortable genre, technology to be used, the areas of lacunae and many more.

Looking for the mentor

The correct answers to a majority of these questions can be found by proper research and under the guidance of a perfect mentor. This goal can be achieved easily by a regular visit to photography workshops, seminars, and exhibitions, where the like-minds get assembled and share their knowledge of photographic art. Now, with the age of the internet, there exist some online forums where all of the answers related to the given questions can be found out quickly.

Taking the right course

Though photography rises out of the passion and has absolutely no pre-requisites, still having a comprehensive formal education on the basics can add more value to the individual and hence give the ideal answer to How to become a photographer? It can be done by some methods like taking the right photography courses that build the skill eventually from the primary level till the expert level or going for online courses where detailed e-book materials would be offered or learning the photo-editing software to bring out the hidden flavours in the snap.

Having an internship experience

Getting an on-field photography internship under an expert gives a massive boost to the individual desiring a professional career in photography. Hence, the prospective should keep looking for the various vacancies that would be coming up under the experienced photographers and bag those to get the top-notch experience and training under him or her. Their honest feedback is sure to boost learning in the right direction.

Finding the focus area

The above-mentioned technical training might teach one the basics, but seeing the comfort zone is up to the individual. Hence, one should encourage himself to go on trips, holidays, trekking or adventures to hone up the required skills and finally find that perfect space or genre where he or she would be comfortable to click the photos.

Getting the right equipment

As mentioned earlier, photography as a career asks for a lot of capital investment in the earlier stage, and this includes procuring the perfect kinds of equipment; Hence, expert guidance is a must on this step to get a crystal clear idea about the useful equipment that can combine correctly to create magic out of the ashes.

The pro tips

The following are the pro tips required to be kept in mind while searching for How to become a photographer?

  • Regular practicing with the cameras is a must to achieve the necessary level of expertise.
  • The right selection of the online course or offline course provider is highly influential in deciding its worth in the long run of the future.
  • The internship positions should be considered only after thinking from all of the aspects like the years of experience by the photographer, his niche of the field, teaching skills and many more.

Hence, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that as Rome was not built in a day, similarly converting the passion of photography into a career path is not done in a single day and it asks for a lot of dedication and effort to achieve the goal. So this guide perfectly sums up on the preparation goals and agenda.

printing t-shirts with your picture

How To Print a t-shirt with Custom Picture Using a Heat Press

Everyone loves t-shirts, and why not?

They are comfortable, comes in huge variety and is easy going. One cannot go wrong with a t-shirt and that is for sure. But other than the normal t-shirts that one can buy easily from any shop for cheap another thing that attracts a whole lot of customers are personalized t-shirts.

Getting one’s name or picture printed on a t-shirt can be a great and fun style statement that will make others jealous. Everybody must have seen someone wear such t-shirts and must have also wondered that how can anybody get such a t-shirt.

Well, the overall process though seems difficult, but it is not. the most important machine that one will require is heat press which can be bought from any online website or market for pretty cheap and affordable prices. And after one brings home a heat press, they can follow a simple step by step process which will give them a beautiful yet fun t-shirt at the end.

Using heat press is one of the easiest and accurate techniques which gives neat end results after printing and the durability is also great which means the prints will last longer.

How to get started?

Before starting the process it is always advisable to acquire all the needed materials and equipment.
One will need:

  • Heat press:Heat press

One can buy a small and affordable heat press for their personal use. One should check the temperature uniformity along the edges and middle of the plate. Temperature uniformity will make sure that the picture transfer is equal and design does not peel off from the t-shirt.

  • Inkjet printer:Inkjet printer

An inkjet printer is required to print a picture of oneself which can be transferred to the fabric. Inkjet printers are a better choice than the laserjet printers because the heat transfer viable prints are produced by inkjets and also they are more affordable.

  • Transfer or carrier paper:

Carrier paper is the one on which the picture will be printed. On one side of the carrier paper, there is a film on which the picture will be printed on. The paper should be soft and not tough like cardboard. Also for dark t-shirts choose opaque and for white t-shirts choose transparent transfer paper.

  • Plain T-shirt:

Lastly choose a t-shirt of one’s own choice of size, shape, and color.


The process to be followed step by step is:

  1. Choose the picture: one should first choose the right type of picture that one will print on the t-shirt
  2. Print the picture: using inkjet printer print the picture on the film side of the carrier paper. Also one should reverse the picture before printing it.
  3. Cut the transfer paper: one does not want blank film off the paper to transfer on the t-shirt. That is why one should trim the areas of the paper on which on there is no color or print.
  4. Prepare the heat press: one should switch on the heat press and select temperature depending upon the type of paper and then by lifting the handle one shall shift the plate from the silicon pad. Now one should set the pressure depending on the quality of transfer paper.
  5. Place the t-shirt and the paper: firstly the t-shirt will be placed on the heat press plate and the side on which the picture will be printed will face up. And then take the trimmed paper and place it on the t-shirt with the film side upside down.
  6. Start the press: after placing both the t-shirt and the paper put a cloth or silicon pad on the t-shirt to keep it safe. Now pull down the handle of the press and press the start button which will get automatically switched after the timer goes off.
  7. Check the result: now remove the shirt from the press and peel off the film from the t-shirt.

And voila!! A t-shirt with one’s own picture is ready.

Tips to keep in mind

  • One should follow the instructions completely otherwise one will end up with a t-shirt from which the picture will out after a few washes.


  • One should never forget the cover sheet to be placed over the fabric before starting the heat printing.


  • One should keep accessories and trinkets away from the transfer paper so that even pressure can be applied throughout.


  • One should know about the fabric so that temperature can be set accordingly otherwise the fabric will start melting.


  • One should pay attention that the transfer paper is placed correctly without any crease or line.


Therefore one can say that heat pressing is simple and easy only if one follows the rules and process diligently. There are many places where things may go wrong but having a perfect checklist will always help. So now go ahead and enjoy the process and the end result of making a professional quality personalized t-shirt.

How to Start a Good photography Business

How to Start a Good photography Business from Scratch

How is a photography business right for you?

Having your own photography business is good, and it makes sure that you are well settled in your life. If you have the knack towards photography and want to ensure more about this field then starting your own business will be an excellent option. Photography is the art, and it needs your management so that you can click what you love.

Most of these people are invested much into the idea of photography because it helps them to express their feelings so that you can show the world how you conceive it into your lens. Entrepreneurs who are starting their own business are doing it right because it will help them to have a better successful reign in their life.

Whether be your website or just a small business at first, you need to start with something which will give your passion a drive and make sure that you earn something from it.

Step by Step guide to starting your photography business

To start your photography business, you need to ensure these following list of actions and points which are given elbow.

Step 1: Decide on the service you will deliver

There are a lot of people who want to become a professional photographer. But on the same hand, you need to understand which function you will serve. For example, you can become a wedding photographer or just a professional photographer who works at the studios.

Step 2: Develop your business plan

Now that you have understood the type of service you will provide to your clients, and it is essential to understand your business plans. If you don’t understand your business plans, then you will never become a professional at photography. Business and individuals need their ideas and plans to be implemented in every sphere of their lives, and you need to have the same.

Step 3: Print out your leaflets and brochures

It is time for you to idealize your plan and get them out on a piece of paper. This means that you need your flyers and leaflets now so that you can distribute them all along. If you don’t have them, take the help of a professional graphic designer and then get your work done. You can always ask them to get your job at a lower price than what is intended.

Step 4: Create a name for your business

After everything you have done, get a good name for your business which will be catchy, and people can pronounce it easily. Also, decide on the motto of your company and the idea you want to preach.

Step 5: Get the supplies

The fifth step will be getting all your supplies into one place. If you want to start a professional photography session with your customers or your clients, then you need to ensure only the best things in your possession. If you don’t have them, then you might be losing them out. Check our list of necessary photography gear.

Step 6: Create a marketing name and focus on that

The last thing is to market your business. An idea of a company is only implemented into the market if you are marketing it enough into the outer world. This is the way how your customers can reach and contact you at the same time as well.

Tips to ensure a good business for your photography

If you want to start your professional photography, then there are some tips which you can keep in your mind too. Here, have a better look at them to know better.

  • Be patient with your idea. You know that whenever you are starting a business, it needs time to develop in the market. If you are not patient with your opinion, then you are hurrying too much. This can be bad for your name and reputation.
  • Ask for consultancy. If you already know someone who runs a similar business then asking their help will be good enough for you.


All these steps and tips can be kept in your mind while you are starting your own photography business from the start. Make sure that you don’t have to hurry much. Take your time and make your business better for your prospective future.